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Immigrate to Paraguay – Paraguay where?

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Immigrate to Paraguay or Paraguay where? It has become a very good option for many people – especially for adventurers, young and old, for families, loners and also for investors and wealthy people. Many people who want to emigrate usually do not know where to go on the big trip.

We will tell you why Paraguay country is currently the very best option to immigrate to Paraguay! You will not believe your eyes and ears what you are about to read! We would like to help you list some options from which you can then choose where you would like to go.


Paraguay Country – Paraguay looks small, but it is big!

paraguay auswandern - auswandern nach paraguayParaguay Country is the size of Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein combined, and yet only about 7 million people live there. So there is a massive amount of space and you can live in a big city or in the countryside.

Moreover, there is so much space there that you can buy a plot of land cheaply to have a house built there. Interestingly, building a house is often cheaper than buying one that is already built. This sounds strange at first glance, but it is often true. In Paraguay you have to deal with a wonderful, lush and evergreen blooming nature. With many hills, forests, steppes, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and wonderful hiking and travel trails. One can equally enjoy bird watching here, with about 600 species of birds, as well as relaxed fishing, biking, horseback riding, golfing, tennis, soccer and rallies. There are no limits. Especially horseback riding is very popular here and the desire to own a horse is easily achievable. Paraguayans love to ride and there is endless space to ride around the country like a cowboy or cowgirl.

What are the essential Reasons to immigrate to Paraguay?

Immigrate to Paraguay offers very many advantages that speak for emigrating to this country. This only does not start with the tax advantages, but ends with the much lower cost of living and infrastructure…

Electricity and Water in Country Paraguay

While people in Europe and many other countries are increasingly concerned about their electricity and water bills, it is fair to say that Paraguay is very inexpensive in this regard. Paraguay actually has too much energy that it is ten times enough for its own country. For this reason, Paraguay sells energy to neighboring countries. For electricity, for example, one pays only 0.06 cents per KWSt. See below for more.

Attractive Tax Elements for Paraguay People

Paraguay’s remoteness has its advantages and disadvantages. Immigrate to Paraguay is hardly noticed in the world.

Paraguay has been able to develop undisturbed into a very liberal system, where people are left alone by the state on a large scale. This attracts more and more people. Fiscally, Paraguay is very attractive because it taxes only territorially, i.e. those who make their income outside of Paraguay do not have to pay any taxes at all. This means: 0% taxes! So only income within Paraguay is taxed. But even here you have to deal with an attractive tax rate of only 10% income tax. Moreover, this tax rate is only calculated as soon as one earns more than $23,000 annually.

For most Paraguayans, this is a highly wealthy sum that they fall far short of. An average Paraguayan earns a maximum of up to $10,000 annually and considers himself lucky if he earns, converted, more than $5,000. In addition, the cost of living for a Paraguayan is about $400 a month. His earnings are about $425 at the minimum wage. Plus, you can just write off everything on your taxes! Every purchase, every business meal, even buying a car or building a house. If you are reasonably smart and earn more than $23,000 a year, you can deduct so much that your taxes literally go down to 0.

Bureaucracy in Paraguay

The bureaucracy in Paraguay is, you may not believe it, very simple and even almost sympathetic. When you enter an office or a public office, you are greeted with joyful, smiling faces. Often there are only one or two others sitting there, if not in a big city, waiting as well. You quickly strike up a conversation and are always made very welcome. Moreover, the more rural offices even have something homely and cozy about them. This is quite different from western standards, where you always have the impression of entering a prison in official buildings.

Thus, the bureaucracy in Paraguay is very relaxed. Although you sometimes have to expect a lot of patience when applying for anything, in many cases you can wait for your document or printout right there on the spot. For example, applying for a certificate of good conduct in Paraguay (e.g. for a planned bank account opening)… takes 5 minutes. You can have it printed out at any police station and take it with you. Many things have been simplified. None of the Paraguayans are interested in complicating such procedures. They love the simple solution.

Dividends, Stocks and Cryptocurrencies in Paraguay Country

bitcoins bildWhen immigrate to Paraguay, trading and earning in stocks or cryptocurrencies also counts as tax-free. While in most other countries you have to pay incessant taxes for your dividends, often even up to 50% taxable, in Paraguay all earnings are free. Especially in this day and age where digital currency is becoming more and more popular, be it from Bitcoins, Ethereum and Ripple, to the digital Euro, Dollar or Yuan.

This is why Paraguay is so attractive. There is no taxation on the cryptocurrencies that currently dominate the crypto market. Sure, a small exception exists for dividend distributions when emigrating to Paraguay: as soon as you earn more than $89,000 annually with them, they are supposed to be taxed at 5%. But I think that this is quite manageable. The value added tax is also quite low. It is 10% and therefore much more comfortable to handle than in many countries in the world.

paraguay freiheit2

Feel really free in Paraguay Country

Paraguay is characterized by being a free country. Freedom and self-determination are still very important in Paraguay and Paraguayans defend their personal freedom very intensively.

The Driving License

When you are in Paraguay country, think for example about the driver’s license. In Paraguay country there are only three driving licenses after immigrate to Paraguay, the one for trucks from 7.5 tons, cars (including small trucks) and for motorcycles. For cars and motorcycles you don’t have to study endlessly for theory or do a lot of practical driving lessons, but you buy the driving license for about 50 dollars. After that you are a happy owner of a driver’s license. The whole application for driver’s license takes either a weekend or only half an hour, depending on the state district.

Paraguay Country Binding

Normally, you have to stay in a country for about 6 months to remain registered there for tax purposes. However, Paraguay offers the freedom to stay in the country for as long or as little as possible. There are no regulations here at all. You can travel the world and only visit Paraguay once every few years and you will still be registered in Paraguay. There is no obligation to register and no minimum period of residence after immigrate to Paraguay. Once you have obtained a permanent residence permit, you are still free to make this decision.

Business Registration

There is hardly any bureaucracy in Paraguay. For example, there is no business inspection as there is in many other countries. There are no stiff civil servants coming by and criticizing your business setup or wanting to see business licenses or considering your house construction inefficient and not allowed to be built. You can build your house here as funny as you are. And if you want to be a pizza maker or hairdresser in Paraguay, for example, you hang a sign to that effect on your door or garden fence and bang, you’re a pizza maker or hairdresser with immediate effect. As I said, Paraguayans like simple solutions.

Interest rates at Paraguayan Banks

If you invest your money in a bank account in a western country, you will be overjoyed if the interest rate is 3% per year. Such rates have become the exception. After immigrate to Paraguay, interest rates of up to 12% exist in this country! Who has the necessary small change left here, can earn from his invested 100,000 dollars annually 7-12,000 dollars in addition, without even having to make a handshake. For this reason, Paraguay, with its low cost of living, has also become very attractive for retirees, but also for those who want to retire early as privateers abroad.

pickup autos paraguay

Car, MOT and Insurance?

In Paraguay all this is not obligatory! Also, there is no real MOT and if you want something similar, you can visit it voluntarily. In Paraguay, the most scrapped cars are driving around and nobody cares. There is no fairing, there is no light, there is a rattling trunk, there is someone looking out of the sunroof and enjoying the fresh air, there are six people sitting in the back of a pick-up on the loading area and there are four people sitting on a motorcycle… All these incidents are not punished by the police in any way. Only those who drive too fast or do not fasten their seat belts can be stopped.

Compulsory schooling and education in Paraguay Country

Even after immigrate to Paraguay, compulsory education is much more relaxed. So you can enroll your child in school between the ages of 5 and 15. And who for example forgets to register his child… that is also rarely checked. So everyone is free to decide what to do with their child. You can send it to school and then to a university. Everything is possible. There is also no obligation for medical treatment or the fulfillment of certain medical requirements within the schools and universities in Paraguay.

There are also many private schools here. These take, converted, about 150 to 300 dollars monthly for the attendance of the child. In Paraguay, tuition fees are generally charged at private universities. The level of education is not always up to western standards, but there are targeted schools and unis where this is the case.

Covid and Lockdowns

During the time of the “acute” pandemic, there was also a lockdown in Paraguay. This lasted for 2 weeks. However, hardly anyone really adhered to it. It was said, “The stores must remain closed and outside no one should walk around.” In the big cities this was enforced more strongly in some cases, but in the countryside hardly anyone cared. The stores stayed open and everything was the same as before. Paraguayans don’t like to have their freedoms restricted. In addition, the police presence throughout the country is quite limited.

Medical Care and Health Insurance for Country Paraguay

Medical and social insurances are not mandatory after immigrate to Paraguay. However, those who still value it should know the following: There are many clinics and hospitals that cater to everything. Also, insurances of this kind are much cheaper than in western countries. A private patient pays up to 400 Dollar annually! Dental care is also at a very developed level. Crowns are also possible and much cheaper than in Europe or other countries.

paraguay colorados

The Government in Paraguay

The government in Paraguay and also the elections are designed very interesting and still represents a direct democracy. The heads of government to be elected are put up for election in advance and you can vote for the person directly. So you know in advance who you are voting for.

It does not behave as in many other countries, also Germany belongs to it, with which a party is selected and this decides then afterwards, who is the Federal Chancellor. Thus for example the German voter does not know, whom he selects at all and fast it is then a cuckoo egg – as one can recognize since the last choice clearly.

Elections in Paraguay

According to some insider information, every effort was made, including by the EU and the USA, to prevent Santiago Pena from being elected. Since a secret influence from their side on the Paraguay elections 2023 was suspected, one positioned for this reason innumerable election observers in the Paraguayan polling stations, which had looked each election worker exactly on the fingers. At the end of April, Santiago Pena was elected and will take office on August 15 for the next 5 years.

Santiago Pena is very popular among the Paraguayan people and will definitely be a great relief for the country. He is more of the patriots, as you know it from the United States. He is pro-family, pro-immigration and pro-economy.

Most Paraguayans were not particularly happy with the previous government (from 2018 to 2023). During this term, many things were not done right and the economy came to a bit of a standstill. For that reason, the results of the 2023 election were highly celebrated. The new president has been officially inaugurated on August 15, 2023, and will be allowed to rule for 5 years.

paraguay admision permanente - cedula

Application for permanent residence and Cedula to immigrate to Paraguay

To obtain permanent residency in Paraguay, there is not much that needs to be done! Also, immigration helpers exist to do everything for you and offer a 24/7 service, so you simply drop off your documents that are required for permanent residency and let the respective company take care of the rest. The documents are very easy to obtain and include only the following 3 items:

  • International Birth Certificate in original and with apostille
  • International Criminal Records of Good Conduct with Apostille
  • International marriage/divorce certificate (if applicable) in original and with apostille (valid for 6 months)

Only with these documents you can already immigrate to Paraguay or apply for it.  Everything else can be done by an appropriate company, before and also after receiving the residence permit, as there are:

  • Certification of the passport with which you entered the country
  • Photos for the permanent residence permit
  • Application for the “Cedula” (identity card for Paraguay)
  • Interpol certificate and appointment
  • Bank reference of the bank from your country – if you want a Paraguayan bank account
  • Translation of all documents from English to Spanish
  • Currency exchange
  • Travel to all the authorities with appointments
  • Provide witnesses (en persona) for proof of life (necessary since in Europe and many other countries you are legally declared dead at birth)
  • Apply for a driver’s license
  • … and all other documents

The processing of the immigration documents and until the issuance of the permanent residence permit takes on average about 6 months in Paraguay country. As soon as you have submitted the application, even if one or the other document is still missing and will be submitted later, you are allowed to stay in the country indefinitely until the decision. So it could not be better!

Visitor or planned immigration?

Since the new regulation of the Migration Department from July 1, 2023, there is now a difference between a vacationer/tourist and someone who plans to immigrate. This new regulation applies only to citizens of those countries with which Paraguay has not signed a visa facilitation agreement.

  • The tourist can enter Paraguay without a visa for 3 months at any time. Once can extend this stay for another 3 months.
  • The potential immigrant can enter Paraguay for 3 weeks at any time, but must apply for a visa within this time.

This visa allows a longer stay than 3 months in Paraguay, as the application for the permanent residence permit and the cedula may take longer. It is applied for at the Paraguayan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This is also a good regulation, because since the immigration process takes time, it is important that the stay in Paraguay remains legal.

The list of those countries for which a visa is required can be found here:

ausrufezeichenIf you need such an immigration service, which takes care of everything for you from A to Z, then contact us. We will suggest you the best immigration service for Paraguay that will do everything for you after you submit your documents. We will suggest you the best option free of charge.

migration paraguay auswandern nach paraguay

New and easier Regulations of the Migration Authority 2022/23

  • The required medical examination for immigrants to apply for permanent residency has been abolished. Say, no more blood tests and lab tests.
  • The “deposit” of about 4,000 dollar, as security for proving that one is solvent and retained until permanent residency is approved, has also been abolished.

What has been additionally abolished for entry?

  • On October 21, 2022, the negative PCR test was completely abolished, which had previously been required as a condition of crossing the border.
  • QR code or health declaration no longer required.
  • Valid travel medical insurance no longer required.

What is left for the Entry to Paraguay Country?

  • Better book flight including return flight, some border officials want to see it that way, many do not.
  • Indication of the residence address.
  • Indication of a contact person in case of emergency.

paraguay asuncion

How are the Paraguayan People like?

Paraguayans are among the happiest people in the world. They sing and laugh a lot, are extremely helpful, love children more than anything else, and are a very hardworking people and are not afraid of work.

If you have a problem or a question, you can ask the nearest Paraguayan for help. Even if he doesn’t always know how to help you, he will keep looking with you until a solution to the problem is found. Paraguayans are very well connected among themselves, love to talk on the phone and hate to write. They pull out all the stops when someone asks for help.

That is the beauty of Paraguay. You quickly feel their family and freedom-oriented attitude and feel right at home. They also like western people and especially their children very much, especially those from German-speaking countries. They know that the Germans give work to the Paraguayans. And even if you don’t know Spanish very well yet, they immediately whip out their cell phone and find a translation app to make communication possible.

For a Paraguayan, there are no obstacles. They are always very optimistic and give their best right away. But occasionally you should be a little careful, because the German language sometimes sounds very harsh to Paraguayans. Paraguayans are quickly a little offended if a sentence sounds too harsh to them. Also, you should never insult a Paraguayan, because that is punishable by law. Paraguayans are happy and are eager to stay that way.

They have an optimistic and positive attitude towards the world and do not want to be spoiled by pessimists, complainers or amateur critics. Paraguayans love to do everything by scooter or motorcycle. Bicycles are almost non-existent. The women also prefer to wear pants rather than skirts, and if you wear a skirt as a woman, they immediately say, “Oh, chicimici!” and they think you want to go out nice and pretty or to a party.

Tips for flirting with Paraguayan People

Paraguayans are not a people who would only be interested in domestic partners. They are often very open to entering into a relationship with an immigrant. To them, Europeans are a bit exotic, but still attractive. For example, when an immigrant asks a Paraguayan woman, “Senora o Senorita?” which means “Misses or Miss?” they get the impression that one is interested in them. After all, why should one care whether one is married or not? You quickly gain access with the women with this phrase.

The men in Paraguay are a bit more complicated when you are interested in them as a woman. They often don’t dare to approach Europeans or to flirt with them. They need a direct sign. Male Paraguayans like to look and they always smile back in a friendly way when you smile at them. However, it takes more to attract a Paraguayan man. The best way is to ask them for help. This will get you talking and you can build on it.

What you should keep in mind is that Paraguayans are generally family people. Family means everything to them. This is certainly known from southern countries and is not much different in Paraguay. Therefore, as a European man you should always keep in mind that flirting with a Paraguayan woman can occasionally mean that she will bring a couple of children with her. So, if you are interested in children, you will be satisfied quickly, but if you prefer to stay childless, you should check in advance how the family position of the pretty Paraguayan woman is.

What not to do with Paraguayans

Occasionally you should be a little careful, because the German language sometimes sounds very hard for Paraguayans. Paraguayans are quickly a little offended if a sentence sounds too harsh to them. Also, you should never insult a Paraguayan, because that is punishable by law in the country. Paraguayans are happy and want to stay that way. They have an optimistic and positive attitude towards the world and do not want to be spoiled by pessimists, complainers or amateur critics.

Paraguayans also dislike impatience. They are always very relaxed (sp.: tranquilo) and for them not everything has to be done immediately. Therefore, as an immigrant to Paraguay, it is advisable to adapt to the speed of the Paraguayans.

It is also not recommended to show off with your money or to wave it around everywhere or to want to settle everything with money. Therefore, Paraguayans are very happy to help, even without receiving a tip. Some even feel offended if you just want to give them money. Therefore, it can very well happen that Paraguayans will return a bill in pennies and nickels and will quickly ignore a “Keep the change!” This doesn’t mean that Paraguayans won’t even gladly accept a tip, but if they do, it’s only outside of their working hours. That is, if a pub is only open until 10 p.m., but the Paraguayan is an hour or more past closing time, he is more likely to be happy to be tipped. For this reason, it is always a double-edged issue and you have to train your sense of when a tip would be appropriate.

Many Paraguayans live very poorly, mainly in the countryside, i.e. they earn only 300 euros a month and live in a house that occasionally has no window panes or even a door. The door is often installed provisionally, i.e. only a cloth hangs in front of the entrance. Despite this fact, Paraguayans are happy, because the happiness of life, optimism and zest for life are very important to them and therefore they accept their lot.

But occasionally, one or another Paraguayan may not be happy with it and tries to get more money by cheating. However, as you can probably guess, this can be found in any country. Crime in Paraguay is mostly found on a small scale, i.e. petty crime. In order to prevent such crime, it is advisable not to show everyone that you have a lot of money or to pull a huge bundle of bills out of your pocket to pay for a coffee. Nor should you show off your possessions or leave your laptop, iPad, cell phone and wallet lying conspicuously on a table in the café. It’s best to take a cue from other patrons on how they handle this.

Paraguay has a fairly Christian attitude. Similar to Italy, the man always takes precedence as long as she is not the mother of children. Business matters are therefore often assigned to the men. Emancipation has not reached Paraguay and women are more focused on the physical well-being of the family. Because of this, care often comes from the men. When making business inquiries, it is better to approach the man first.

Oh yes, and a direct salutation with “Senor, Senorita or Senora” is rather rarely practiced in Paraguay. A polite form of address is not necessarily dis for them. It is much better to simply utter a “Hola”, a “Buenas Dias” or a “Que tal?” to engage in conversation.

I’m not saying it’s always like this, because exceptions always prove the rule. Observation is therefore the best option before putting your foot in your mouth.

Is Paraguay safe?

Well, I am aware that there is a lot written in the mainstream media about Paraguay country and is Paraguay safe, mostly they write it is very unsafe and having a high crime rate. However, at this point I can say with certainty that I have met many Paraguayans and have also been to one place or another, but I have never been involved in a criminal act, nor have I witnessed one. 

For example, it is said in the mainstream media that in Paraguay there are so-called “caballeros” roaming around, i.e. two gangsters on a motorcycle, they stop next to you, threaten you with a gun and take your money and cell phone. The press got very hung up on this criminal tactic, but it was quite different: after these “caballeros” did this for a few days, the police also equipped their officers with motorcycles and in no time the “caballeros” were caught. This gangster tactic therefore lasted only for a short time and was then no longer practiced. 

There are also reports of gangs robbing harmless tour buses. Again, this occurred only a few times and the Paraguayan police quickly got a handle on it. The media, however, spread the belief that this had been the case for years and would continue for an eternity. You can’t believe everything the media tells you about Paraguay that wasn’t even there, and if it was, it was only for a day. Also, one must remember that a country rarely wants their people to emigrate to another country where much lower prices and taxes prevail. 

In any case, it can be said that crime in Paraguay tends to occur at the borders and when it does, it is petty crime and certainly more harmless than it is in Europe. Even in Frankfurt, Geneva or Vienna there is one or the other neighborhood where you should not venture through alone at night. It is not much different with Paraguay. The Paraguayans also have a moral-ethical attitude and are Christian. Therefore, I would definitely say that Paraguay has less crime than most other countries in the world. 


Advantages and Disadvantages for Immigrate to Paraguay

What are the Advantages for living in Paraguay Country?

  • There are many animals and a lot of nature.
  • The currency of Paraguay (Guarani) are not on the stock market, so the currency is stable.
  • There is much less bureaucracy in Paraguay. Many laws that exist in other countries are not found in Paraguay.
  • The house and property you buy in Paraguay is really your own. This also applies to your own car. Land and cars have a title. This constitutes true ownership and cannot be confiscated or retained by the state.
  • Gasoline, food, houses, land, clothing, electricity, rents and much more (if not specially imported) are much cheaper than in other countries.
  • There are several German, English, Japanese and other settlements in Paraguay, which have brought a piece of home to Paraguay. We will tell you which settlements are attractive, safe and comfortable.
  • Paraguay is boring to plunder by other countries, here there is no oil, no gold, no mineral resources.
  • The banks are very stable, not linked to the Rothschildt banks, and largely debt-free – because Paraguayan banks do not participate in bank data matching, so bank secrecy still applies.
  • Public debt: Paraguay’s public debt is only about 2.7 billion US dollars, or only 15% of GDP, so nothing that would immediately upset the state.
  • The water is free of fluoride, chemicals, medicine residues and heavy metals, because water is tapped from a gigantic underground river via springs.
  • Immunization status may not be asked by law.
  • Meat, vegetables and cigarettes are very cheap. Example: 1 carton of cigarettes costs about 3 dollar!
  • Paraguay has a wide distance many countries in the world, which will be more and more a crisis center with inflation and freedom restrictions.
  • With 1.500 dollars monthly one is considered rich in Paraguay. A Paraguayan has a monthly wage of about 430 dollars (converted) and can live on it.
  • The language Spanish is very easy to learn and those who already know English learn it even faster.
  • Every person in Paraguay is considered self-reliant and this is also celebrated. Here, no one will tell you what to spend your money on or how to get medical treatment.
  • The Paraguayans are very alternative oriented in their healing methods. They know a herb for every illness. They are very knowledgeable in the use of medicinal herbs.
  • There are German and english settlements where your language is spoken and it is not necessary to learn Spanish immediately after arriving in Paraguay.
  • Winter is very mild. A maximum of 6 degrees cold at night in only a few nights. In the daylight you have about 20-28 degrees with a wonderful blue sky.
  • Up to 300 sunny days a year.
  • Due to the climatic conditions, up to three harvests a year are possible.
  • No natural disasters (earthquake, hurricane, etc.).
  • Paraguayans are extremely warm and helpful. They also rarely want to be paid for their help.
  • Breathtaking starry skies and clear blue skies (no chemical pollution in the sky).

What are the disadvantages of Paraguay Country?

  • No sea for those for whom the sea is important. The missing sea is replaced by a huge lake in the south with miles of sandy beaches.
  • More poverty than in your country: still! While Paraguay is slowly moving to the top of the industrialized countries with giant steps and an economic growth of 5% per year, even Argentina talks about Paraguay as the promised land. This is because hardly any other country has such a low level of debt and has survived the pandemic economically very well. (Quote: “The landlocked South American country (Paraguay) has thus transformed itself from a stagnant country into a fertile ground for investment. The prestigious newspaper also highlights the fact that the capital Asunción is showing signs of accelerated real estate growth, which is a magnet for Argentines and also attracts Latin American, European and Asian businessmen.”)
  • Summer can sometimes be hot with 38-42 degrees in the afternoon.
  • Not all roads are developed, occasionally you end up on a sand road – but that also gives a sense of freedom and adventure.
  • There are some poisonous animals in Paraguay, especially snakes and spiders. But these only occur in the countryside and when you live alone in nature. In German settlements, for example, such animals are very rare.
  • Mosquitoes are also in Paraguay, also not too few of them, but the nice thing is that in almost all cases the mosquito bite is already gone after 10-60 minutes, if you don’t scratch at it.
  • There is no Ebay and Amazon. But Paraguayans are very happy to use the Marketplace on Facebook, which replaces Ebay for them and is free of charge.
  • Bringing larger amounts of money from western banks to Paraguay is not easy. Either get several online banks and account cards and draw your money from the ATM or use options through a compliance company that can transfer your money safely. However, we can advise you also on this!

maedchen himmel paraguay

The Seasons in Paraguay

The climate is also an important question for many for the immigrate to Paraguay. This question should be answered here. I only say one thing: 300 sunny days! Super clear sky and a breathtaking starry sky!

Well, I will say more…: Since Paraguay is located in the southern hemisphere, everything is a bit twisted here. When it is winter on the northern side of the Earth, summer starts here. This means, all seasons are shifted by 6 months in Paraguay. Also sun and moon do not move from left to right, but vice versa. Also you have to deal with a time difference of -4 to -6 hours – depending on the time change – in relation to your country.

Spring – It is beautiful and everything starts to grow and green. One is amazed at the diversity of nature, especially when it comes to the animal world. There are guinea pigs crawling out of their burrows, rabbits, herons, storks, frogs and gigantic butterflies (monarchs) slowly coming out. So many animal species, which are hard to list here, can be encountered in Paraguay. The bird diversity is also extremely amazing. The climate is pleasantly mild and temperatures range from 25-30 degrees during the day.

Summer – This can sometimes be very warm, but very rarely up to 42 degrees. Most of the time the temperature is between 30-36 degrees. Also, the heat in Paraguay is quite different in feeling than in other countries, because the humidity is much lower – often around 35 and sometimes up to 65%. Only on very rainy days it can sometimes get up to 85%, but this is rarely the case.

Autumn – During the day it is still very pleasantly warm, it reminds a little of the April weather in western countries, but with much better temperatures. During the day you still have about 25 degrees and at night the thermometer goes down to maybe 12-16 degrees.

Winter – The winter seems very short. The temperatures rise up to 25 degrees and at night it comes down to 6 to 10 degrees. Very seldom it falls sometimes in 1 to 3 nights deeper, but if, then maximally on 0-2 degrees.

But the seasons in Paraguay are quite vague, i.e. spring can sometimes be hotter than summer and autumn fresher than winter. More often, one has the feeling that the seasons in Paraguay serve only as orientation. Sometimes one has the impression that the seasons have a different order than usual:

Winter – Autumn – Summer – Spring. But this is perhaps in the eye of the beholder.

Guarani Währung Paraguay

Currency and Cost of Living in Paraguay Country

The first Guarani bill came out in 1963, a 1 Guarani bill. Then followed many other bills and the largest bill is currently the 100,000 Guarani bill. The 100,000 bill is worth a whopping…. approx. 13 dollar worth! So if you pay a lot with cash, even larger sums, you should always have a backpack with you! Therefore, many wish times a larger banknote, but for the Paraguayans it is completely enough.

One must also consider that many things are much cheaper. A Paraguayan household usually gets along quite well with about 400 dollars. Provided they don’t have a car, a sophisticated house or enjoy various luxuries. A Paraguayan family often has 3 to 4 children. There, a lot of luxury is not necessarily possible, but still they get by with this amount. It is also not uncommon for a Paraguayan to have two jobs at the same time in order to better afford one or the other.

Students also tend to take on two 8-hour jobs in addition to their studies. That’s a hardworking accomplishment…. but that’s how Paraguayans are. And you may not believe it: they have fun at work! Rarely do you see a dissatisfied Paraguayan at work. They listen to music, sing along, laugh and joke a lot.

Here are a few price examples of the approximate costs in Paraguay Country (as of June 2022):

  • 1 kilowatt hour of electricity – about $0.06. So, on average, about $25 for the monthly electricity bill.
  • 1 liter of regular gasoline/diesel – about $1,00.
  • 1 loaf of bread (250 g) – $0,50
  • 1 dozen eggs – $2,00
  • 1 kilo of apples – $2,00
  • 1 liter of milk – $0,70
  • 1 kilo of cheese from the region – $5,50
  • 1 kilo of lettuce – $0,50
  • 1 kilo of onions – $1,00
  • 1 kilo of potatoes – $1,00
  • 1 kilo of tomatoes – $1,50
  • 1 kilo of oranges – $1,00
  • 1 kilo of bananas – $0,70
  • Cigarettes (local) – 1 pack with 20 cigarettes – about $0,30
  • Cigarettes (imported) – 1 pack with 20 pieces – about $1,70
  • Meal for one person in a cheap restaurant – $4,00
  • Meal in a good restaurant – $22,00
  • Coffee with milk in a cafe – $1,50
  • A can of Coca Cola or Pepsi (0.33l) – $0,75
  • Water bottle (0.33l) – $0,50

The most expensive goods are those that have to be imported, such as cars, almond or oat milk, soft drinks, sweets, various electrical appliances, and so on. There then prices strike, which are to be equated with those in your country.

Paraguay Haus bauen kosten

Important! Paraguay where, Paraguay which Country and where is the best Place to live in Paraguay?

Living in the city is much more expensive than in the countryside. In the city, for example, the capital Asuncíon, has just about everything you would expect from western countries, i.e. large shopping centers (malls), steak restaurants, hotels, shopping arcades, food stalls, lots of street vending, etc. There is actually everything in the capital.

Nevertheless, many are drawn to the countryside because not only is the cost of living lower there, but so are land prices and house construction. Therefore, we always recommend that it is much more pleasant and better to go to a more rural area when immigrate to Paraguay.

Buying or renting a house is not so easy after immigrate to Paraguay, so many move to the countryside and have a house built there after buying their own land. However, one must be careful here! There are many scammers on the road who like to sell you land and later it turns out that the seller did not have the right to do so.

Sometimes it is a Paraguayan who wants to earn some extra money here, but mostly it is immigrants who want to take advantage of the naivety of the new immigrants. For this reason, you should consult with us when planning where, when and if you want to buy a property. We know the most reputable sellers here and we know what prices would be justified for which plots.

It is also a question of what the land is like: What is the infrastructure like? What are the soil conditions like? How reputable is the seller? In what area is it located? etc.? All this should be taken into account. Attention should also be paid if the land price is pleasantly inexpensive! This is usually an indication that you are dealing with a trap. Something is not right then and therefore one should think carefully. Usually one must be clear that 20-50 dollars land acquisition cost per square meter is rather serious than 1-20 dollars.

There are also areas in Paraguay where it is better not to live. Besides, there are also some German settlements that have set up small projects, make a lot of promises and afterwards it turns out that everything was just empty words and the project collapsed at some point. We know the serious and established projects, also German and English settlements, which ensure that you do not put your finances into the wrong project or make a bad investment.

After immigrate to Paraguay and the planned purchase of land, caution also applies to the house that may already be on the property. Often it happens that the construction of the house was once very loose and far from the western standard. In most cases it behaves in such a way that the house will be very much in need of renovation. Many houses do not even have windows or doors or a tight roof, others have no way to connect electricity, internet and/or water. Therefore, many choose to build or have one built themselves rather than rent or buy one.

In addition, there is the question of whether the area is really safe. Many a German has bought land after immigrate to Paraguay and built a house on it. When he went on vacation to Brazil or Argentina for three weeks and returned, his house was completely gone!

During his absence, someone had taken down the entire house, brick by brick, and hauled it away – including all its furnishings! In other cases, people bought land and had a house built on it – or used the house that was already there – and were robbed six times in one year. Therefore, it is very important, especially as a new immigrant, to know where to buy land and where to put your house! Paraguay is mostly very safe and Paraguayans certainly don’t put money and earnings first, but there are, as in western countries, dangerous corners in the country. These should be known.

We can tell you exactly which place would be safe and where you don’t have to worry about your house still standing if you ever travel somewhere else for a few weeks or even months.  Anyway, for the people with a great interest in self-cultivation and self-sufficient life to immigrate to Paraguay, Paraguay is ideally suited! Up to three harvests a year are possible and because of the 300 sunny days a year everything grows very well. Within a year you can design your garden so that, starting with a meadow landscape, a beautiful garden with vegetables, fruits, flowers and much more can be created, from which you can live comfortably, eat exquisitely and organic.

paraguay flüge reisen

Entry to Paraguay Country

Foreign citizens with a valid passport (at least 6 months) do not need a visa for entry to country Paraguay. You will receive a permit for a maximum stay of 90 days upon entry. The identity card is not recognized, so it should definitely be the passport. Children’s identity cards are also recognized if a photograph can be discovered on them. Vaccinations are not required, neither for yellow fever, nor for hepatitis, tetanus or similar. Also new vaccinations are not obligatory – even if this is sometimes claimed. This does not correspond to the facts.

Those who want to enter the country without vaccination are welcome to do so. Also, since October 22, 2022, a PCR test is no longer required. More information can be obtained from the Paraguayan Migration Service. The stay in Paraguay can, after the expiration of 90 days, be extended once by 90 days with the approval of the Paraguayan Migration Authority (Migraciones). After that you have to leave the country as a tourist. This is not so difficult, because you can go to Brazil, spend a nice weekend there and return.

Your Driving License

An International Driving License is accepted for a period of 90 days and is only valid in combination with the national driving license. After emigrating to Paraguay you can buy a driver’s license very quickly – but it is not valid in your country, but in the Mercosur countries.


You can definitely take your dog or cat with you to Paraguay. There are no quarantine regulations. With the right papers, you can get through the border clearance quickly. Cats can even be taken into the passenger cabin in a special bag or placed in the transport storage – whatever you prefer. Information on importing animals into Paraguay is available from the relevant SENACSA.

paraguay einwanderungshelfer service

Paraguay where?

Immigrate to Paraguay – Full Service

When you want to immigrate to Paraguay, you often don’t know where to start. You may be uncertain and simply have no idea. How practical would be a company that takes care of all the formalities and most of the administrative procedures? In addition, a personal advisor who takes care of everything and whom you can pester with questions?

ausrufezeichenIf you are interested in hiring a service provider who takes care of everything for immigrate to Paraguay, we can arrange this for you! You explain us your wishes and ideas and based on your information we can determine the optimal place and the optimal service provider for your immigration to Paraguay. 

10 points to consider for immigrate to Paraguay when we choose the optimal service provider for you:

  • Do you want the city and surrounding area to be safe?
  • Would you like to be able to let your child go outside unsupervised occasionally?
  • Would you like to make friends quickly – especially German speakers?
  • Would you like to have a service provider who will take care of everything that goes and is not too expensive, and also give you advice on how to safely save your finances to Paraguay?
  • Would you like to have a caretaker who is trustworthy, honest and helpful to make your immigration to Paraguay a lot easier?
  • Would you like to come to Paraguay for vacation first, apply for permanent residency, and then emigrate for good sometime later?
  • Would you like to be with other German-speaking people in a trip where you will not feel so alone and abandoned – especially as a single person – and will be safe?
  • Would you like to have an all-inclusive package where everything is included, such as buying land, building a house, applying for permanent residency, counseling, escorting, opening a bank account, getting a driver’s license, being assisted locally and from your home country, and having all financial and personal issues handled?
  • Do you want to move to an environment that guarantees security for you and your family?
  • Do you want to live in a place where freedom and self-fulfillment are paramount?

If your answer to almost all of these questions is yes, then you have come to the right place. Just click on our contact page and make a non-binding inquiry.

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